Main Colors

Leaf Green

PH 6002

Azure Blue

PH 5009

Pastel Green

PH 6019

Light Blue

PH 5012

Pale Green

PH 6021

Pastel Turqouise

PH 6034


PH 1001

Traffic Grey A

PH 7042

Gentian Blue

PH 5010


PH 9006

Signal Red

PH 3001


PH 1014

Oxide Red

PH 3009


PH 9005

Light Ivory

PH 1015

Basalt Gray

PH 7012

Silver Grey

PH 7001

Light Grey

PH 7035

Steel Blue

PH 5011

Moss Green

PH 6005

Red Violet

PH 4002


PH 9003

Squirrel Gray

PH 7000

Pure Orange

PH 2004

Signal Yellow

PH 1003

Canola Yellow

PH 1023



Please Note:

All colors shown above should only be used as reference and due to differences in production methods, color pigments and gloss level can not be warranted for each batch of the material procured from the suppliers, therefore slight color difference in finished paint products are possible.

For any other issues about color, please contact our local representative.