Business Principles

Above and beyond the US laws that bind us, PhilaCoatings strives to meet the highest ethical standards on a global basis.

Consistent with our long-term thinking core value, everyone at PhilaCoatings acts with integrity and treats others with respect. By doing so we will have both our clients and our business partners on our side for many years to come.

Our global footprint requires us to carry out business activities in developing economies with limited regulatory oversight. While we are aware of the critical role employment plays in such countries, we do not consider profits at the expense of labor standards a viable business model. Instead we try to positively influence local norms with the power of our business. This is not just good ethics - it is good business by preventing disruptions and deepening expertise.

PhilaCoatings has an unwavering commitment to protecting the environment. From the first step of the manufacturing process to our end product and our personal conduct, we are very passionate about the “green” in our eagle.