Core Values

There are three distinct but inseparable elements that define our value proposition: outstanding quality, tailored service, and long-term thinking.

Outstanding Quality

Our reputation is based on reliability. Our clients’ assets are critical to their business operations; protecting them is therefore of utmost importance. At PhilaCoatings, we strive for exceptional chemical performance in every molecule of our paints and in every PhilaCoatings pail around the world. From advanced formulations to strict quality control processes, our coatings systems are designed to meet and exceed our clients’ demanding quality standards. Our efforts extend even further: in partnership with independent research centers and major research institutions, we hope to redefine what those quality standards should be in the first place.

Tailored Service

At PhilaCoatings we resist overly formalized org-charts and eschew closed-door decision making. As a result we can dedicate all of our attention, energy, and collective knowledge to our clients. Whether it is their timetables, project estimates, or new technical requirements, our clients can expect PhilaCoatings to be on their side, anywhere in the world, round-the-clock. Our biggest differentiation from our global coating peers is the absence of corporate bureaucracy. Our market-leading service is tailored specifically to each client and will never be compromised.

Long-Term Thinking

Business success ultimately depends on relationships. Just like our success depends on our clients, our clients depend on reliable suppliers to support their own business needs. We understand different industries go through different cycles. We want to empower our clients, to the best of our ability, to meet their business objectives throughout peaks and troughs. Price, quality, and service are all components of something much greater and much more enduring: trust. Building trust for the long run is at the core of everything we do.