Offshore Oil & Gas

The offshore industry plays a critical role in satisfying global energy needs. The massive initial fixed capital investments coupled with fluctuating commodity prices upon extraction make both the chemical and the economic effectiveness of coatings protection uniquely important.

From zinc-rich primers to durable finishes, PhilaCoatings has developed a complete spectrum of products to offer exceptional and affordable protection for offshore platforms, structures, rigs, and floating storage and offloading units.





The world’s deep sea routes are the veins of globalization: they allow economies to focus on their competitive advantages while creating surplus for consumers on all continents. PhilaCoatings is proud of facilitating the flow of passengers, goods, and commodities across long distances and shifting sailing conditions.

Starting at the newbuild level and extending all the way to routine maintenance and repair, PhilaCoatings has a wide-ranging product offering designed specifically for bulk carriers, oil tankers, container ships, LNG carriers, cruise liners, and chemical tankers. PhilaCoatings is also very active in meeting the needs of naval vessels and coastal fleets.



Heavy Industry

Industry forms the backbone of economic activity around the world.

PhilaCoatings products are designed to provide heavy-duty protection and top-notch aesthetics to projects of all scales. In a market that includes bridges, chemical plants, pipelines, railcars, and construction, PhilaCoatings works with each client to tailor a protective coatings scheme to each project.