PhilaCep Barrier PDC Deck Covering


PhilaCep Barrier PDC is a two component tar-free and solvent-free epoxy coating.

Special features:

·         Thick film

Super build. A 2 mm to even 5 mm thick layer on horizontal surfaces fills up pits and dents.

·         Apply on a rusty surface

Can be applied, just remove loose rust scales. It fills up rusty pits, too.

·         Apply on a wet surface

Can be applied, just wipe out and push away water with a waste rug.

·         Apply onto existing films

Can be applied onto any film. PhilaCep Barrier PDC contains no solvents, so all you do is remove loose rust scales.

·         High corrosion protection performance

Perfect. PhilaCep Barrier PDC offers almost permanent protection by shutting out all corrosive agents.

·         High impact protection

Impact resistant. Super-built film and epoxy resin stand up perfectly to impact and abrasion.

·         Quick cure

Very quick. 30 minutes after application the coated surface can be immersed in water. Even underwater PhilaCep Barrier PDC continues curing to guarantee high grade epoxy performance.

·         Safe material

This is non-flammable and non-combustible.

PhilaCep Barrier PDC displays very good compatibility with various well-known producers.


·         In water ballast tanks – spot repair

Surface preparation is easy. Remove loose and thick rust scale before spot repair with PhilaCep Barrier PHDC.

·         To protect decks, hatch covers, coamings and all sorts of fittings from corrosion

Prior to general painting, apply spot touch-up of PhilaCep Barrier PHDC to welds, bolts, corners and similar parts to prevent the usual rusting of the deck, hatch coamings, pipes, pipe supports, machinery bed, bildge well, etc.

·         To fill pits and repair heavily-corroded areas

Use PhilaCep Barrier PDC as a putty to repair pitting corrosion or heavily-corroded areas, inside or outside.

·         As permanent corrosion protection

Where maintenance repair is difficult or impossible, apply PhilaCep Barrier PDC. It’s almost permanently corrosion-free.

·         On the outside shell, deck and cargo hold to protect against abrasion and impact

Apply PhilaCep Barrier PDC to areas vulnerable to mechanical damage to obtain an outstanding abrasion and impact resistant coating system. Overcoating lets you choose any desired finish color.


Sheen: Semi-Gloss

Colors: Yellow, Black, Green, Oxide Red, Gray

Volume Solids (%): 98 ± 2

Dry film thickness: 1mm to 2mm

Theoretical Spreading rate: 1 Lit/m2 – 1,6 Kg/m2

Typical thickness humid/dry micron: 1mm dry thickness per coat to 2mm

Thinner: Not applicable

Heat Resistance: 50°C immersion - 120°C outdoors

Min./Max. over-application times: 24 hrs. – no limitation

Flash Point: Mixed product ˂65°C

Specific gravity: 1.55 kg/Lit

Viscosity 25°C: Pasty thick

VOC: 87.00 g/Lit (material as into the container)

Application Data

Mixing Ratio:  By weight, basis to curing agent: 90.  By volume, basis to curing agent: 10.

Readiness Time: 15 minutes in a proper temperature.

Thinner: Not recommended. The material is ready for use, under special conditions use thinner 300, max 5% by volume.

Painting Method: Spatula, toothed spatula and trowel.

Pour the mixture over the substrate, which has been cleaned and primed with PhilaDur, with a consumption of about 3 – 3,2 Kg/Sq.m.

After about 30 min. pass the bubbles-breaking roller over the surface. To have a good levelling effect, apply a minimum thickness of about 2 mm.

After drying, the mortar can be sanded to even out surface imperfections.

Use proper equipment. Actual safety measures and precautions are very important from the selected method and environment work. Emergency Contact Numbers are available World Wide upon any request.

Cleaning: Power tool cleaning and Cleaners with Universal Thinner.

Pot Life: 2 hours

Curing Time: Within 2 days at 23°C (fully cured).

Optimal Application Conditions:

measure humidity level (it must be below 5%.) using a hygrometer or acting as follows: clean about 5 cm2 surface and define its borders with adhesive tape, put over this area a transparent plastic sheet and seal the sides with the adhesive tape. After 48 – 96 hours, the area is wet and of a darker color. This phenomenon is due to excessive humidity in the substrate and it endangers the adhesion power of the product, therefore, it is not suitable to apply it over this kind of substrate. mix well base and hardener with a mechanical mixer for few minutes; slowly add the inert and keep on mixing with a speed below 600 rev/min. Apply immediately the product. The product contains thinners; therefore, it does not cause toxic nor noxious fumes. During application, protect hands and skin with gloves and overalls.

Drying and Over-Coating Conditions

Temperature of basis material    10℃    23℃    30℃    Semi cure (1)    20 hours    9 hours    5 hours    Repainting interval (Max) (2)    14 days    10 days    7 days    Recoating for repairs    Unlimited

(1) The given data must be considered as guidelines only. The actual drying time/times before recoating may be shorter or longer, depending on film thickness, ventilation, humidity, preceding paint system etc.

(2) The surface should be dry and free from contaminants prior to overcoating. The best intercoat adhesion is achieved when the subsequent coat is applied before the preceding coat is fully cured. After prolonged exposure it may be necessary to roughen the surface to ensure intercoat adhesion. When recoating with single pack products, maximum recoat interval is limited to 16-24

hours. When in doubt, consult with our technical dept.

Coating Specification

Long overcoat period, if local climate, temperatures around to freezing point, proper selection of the systems, coating application procedures, proper surface preparation, as per actual existing film esp. over coated epoxy layer. Try to test design factors, statements and specific recommendations in a controlled laboratory. Always factor in the conditions and consult with Philadelphia Coatings LLC Technical Department before and throughout testing.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from contamination. High pressure freshwater wash should be conducted prior to the application. Steel products with mill scale: shot blasting or grit blasting should meet the requirements of Sa1 grade in Sweden de-rusting standard at least.

New iron:

according to the used primer. Cleaned and free from dust, grease and dirt. In case of irregular surfaces, apply the product in two consecutive coats: the 1° coat fills imperfections.  After 24 hrs. drying, apply the second coat, covering the whole surface. Allow about 24 hrs. drying, sand evenly and mechanically the surface, preparing it to be over-applied with the polyurethane finish PhilaThane. Mortar’s consumption must be at least of 2 l/Sq.m. or 3 kg/Sq.m. To have a good waterproof action, apply the product even over the plinth (at least 10 cm. high), creating a continuous film between wall and floor, on the corner.

Oil and grease should be removed by solvent cleaning according to SSPC-SP1. Remove weld spatter and smooth weld seams and sharp edges as applicable. Abrasive blasting: min. Sa2,5 – ISO 8501:1. Apply this product immediately after the steel has been blasted and the quality of preparation has been approved.

Tender Item:

Application of Malta Al, self-levelling, modified epoxy resin-based mortar, with weather proof pigmentation to be applied over concrete or cement pavings, with a consumption of 3 - 3,2 kg/Sq.m. per coat, in a thickness of about 2 mm.

For other surface treatments, please consult with Philadelphia Coatings LLC.


Circa 24 months at 0°C, stored in a dry, shaded and ventilated condition. The container/paint, must be kept sealed and away from heat and ignition.

Pack Size

Base 4.75 Gal. (18 Lit) drum, agent 0.52 Gal (2 Lit) drum. If other packing specifications are needed, please consult with Philadelphia Coatings LLC.

Shipping weight

Base 4.75 Gal. (18 Lit) 39.60 lb drum, agent 0.52 Gal (2 Lit) 4.40 lb drum.

Health and Safety

Prior to use, obtain, consult and follow the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product concerning health and safety information. Read carefully and conform to precautions on MSDS and packing vessels. To avoid eye and skin contact, tools such as gloves, goggles and face mask etc. should be used during work with product (proper safety measures should be taken according to construction methods and circumstances). All work with the product must be carried out according to all relevant national health, safety and environment standards and codes. This product is for professional use only.

Limitation of liability

All information is given for guidance only and is subject to regional variation depending upon local climate and environmental condition. An excessive film thickness delays the final curing and creates sagging. Over coating interval will increase with the number of paint layers and the thickness of the paint film. For recommended paints at special circumstances, please consult with our Philadelphia Coatings LLC. Apply in good weather. The relative humidity must not exceed 80% temperature of the surface to be coated must be at least 3°C above the dew point. All data from the tests is obtained under lab conditions, so Philadelphia Coatings LLC won’t bear any liabilities from the condition whether the data could reflect the objective status of the actual application circumstance or not.


The information in the product manual is based on our experiences from tests and practice. For the application without our knowledge, we could only make sure that our products themselves are warranted. We may modify the data in this product manual according to our continuous development and experience accumulation without advanced notice.