PhilaGard 06/04 Tank & Cargo


High solids epoxy barrier coating with excellent anti-corrosive properties and strong impact and abrasion resistance. It forms a hard and tough coating with good wetting properties and low temperature curing. As PhilaGard is self-primed, it can be coated as a primer and as a finished coating in a heavy duty paint system, when low VOC and high film build are required. It can also be used for maintenance in ballast tanks and cargo holds. Among other properties, it has strong adhesion to ST3 prepared steel substrates and is compatible with most aged coatings. It can be re-coated with various PhilaCoatings finishing systems. Tested for non-contamination of grain cargo. Complies with section 175.300 of the quote of Federal Regulation (FDA) in respect to carriage of dry food stuffs in space with an internal surface area larger than 10,750 sqft. PhilaGard PHE 06/04 displays very good compatibility with various well known producers.


Applicable on ballast tanks, cargo holds, especially when a level of abrasion resistance is required. High gloss durable finish. Chemical & abrasion resistance. Outstanding adhesion. Can be used on various existing epoxy coatings. Quick drying.


Sheen: Semi-Gloss

Color: Red Brown, Gray, others

Solids: 80

Coverage: 6.60m2/Lit at 125 microns dry / 187 microns wet

Thickness: Over 250 microns dry by 2 coats

Flashpoint: 25 °C

VOC: 194 g/lit - Specific gravity: 1.35 g/lit

Application Data

Mixing Ratio: Basis 4 part per/volume, Curing Agent 1 part/volume.

Thinner: Not recommended. The material is ready for use, under special conditions use Thinner PH 300, max 5% by volume.

Painting Method: Airless spraying is recommended. Tip range between 0.48mm-0.66mm. Blowing pressure shouldn’t be less than 141kg/cm2 (2000psi). It may be required to add thinner. Use of proper equipment and compliance with safety precautions in accordance with the selected method and work environment. Emergency contact numbers are available worldwide upon any request.

Cleaning: Power tool cleaning and Cleaners with Universal Thinner.

Readiness Time: 15 minutes in a proper temperature.

Pot Life: 10°C: 4 hours, 23°C: 2 hours, 30°C: 1 hour

Curing Time: Within 4 days at 23°C (fully cured).

Optimal Application Conditions: The temperature of the substrate should be at least 3°C above the dew point of the air. Temperature and relative humidity should be measured in the vicinity of the substrate. The maximum recommended surface temperature is approx. 40°C. Higher steel temperatures are acceptable provided dry-spray is avoided by proper spray application and extra thinning if required. In extreme cases it may be necessary to reduce film thickness in order to avoid sagging. When applying the paint in confined spaces, provide adequate ventilation during application and drying. The temperature of the mixed paint should be at least 15°C, otherwise extra solvent may be required to obtain a proper application viscosity.

Drying and Over-Coating Conditions

PhilaGard 0604 Tank & Cargo.JPG

Coating Specification

Long overcoat period if temperatures are around freezing point. Proper selection of the systems, coating application procedures and surface preparation are made depending on actual existing film. Best specific design factors and conditions are tested in a controlled laboratory. Consult with Phila Coatings (USA) Inc. Technical Department before and throughout testing process.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from contamination. High pressure freshwater wash should be conducted prior to the application. Steel products with mill scale: shot blasting or grit blasting should meet the requirements of Sa1 grade in Sweden de-rusting standard at least. Steel products without mill scale: to be ground by dynamic tools to meet the requirements of St3 grade in Sweden de-rusting standard. Steel products painted with plant primer: use slight grit blasting or dynamic tools to carry out secondary surface preparation to meet the requirements of St3 grade in Sweden de-rusting standard. For other surface treatments, please consult with Phila Coatings (USA) Inc.


More than 24 months at 20°C, stored in a dry, shaded and ventilated condition. The container/paint, must be kept sealed and away from heat and ignition.

Pack Size

Basis 4 Gal. (16 Lit) drum, agent 1 Gal (3,785 Lit) drum. If other packing specifications are needed, please consult with Phila Coatings (USA) Inc.

Health and Safety

Prior to use, obtain, consult and follow the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product concerning health and safety information. Read carefully and conform to precautions on MSDS and packing vessels. To avoid eye and skin contact, such tools as gloves, goggles and face mask etc should be used for works (proper safety measures should be taken according to construction methods and circumstances). All works with the product must be carried out according to all relative national health, safety and environment standards and codes. This product is for professional use only.

Limitation of liability

All information is given for guidance only and is subject to regional variation depending upon local climate and environmental condition. An excessive film thickness delays the final curing and creates sagging. Over coating interval will increase with the increment of the number of paint layer and the thickness of the paint film. For recommended paints at special circumstances, please consult with our Phila Coatings (USA) Inc. Apply in good weather. The relative humidity must not exceed 80% temperature of the surface to be coated must be at least 3°C above the dew point. All data from the tests is obtained at the special lab circumstance, so Phila Coatings (USA) Inc. won’t bear any liabilities from the condition whether the data could reflect the objective status at the actual application circumstance or not.


The information in the product manual is based on our experiences from the tests and practices. For the application without our knowledge, we could only make sure that our products themselves are warranted. It is allowed to modify the data in this product manual according to our continuous development and experience accumulation without advance notice.