PhilAtria Plastic P


Double-component, epoxy-polyamide paint for industrial pavings. PhilAtria Plastic P is an epoxy-polyamide resins based topcoat, with light-fast pigmentation. PhilAtria Plastic P is hard and elastic after drying, with excellent abradability, strong filling power, easy application, highly resistant to oil, diesel oil, kerosene, alkali acid solutions, vegetable oils, domestic and industrial detergents. It is an abrasive, heavy duty, general purpose non-skid deck covering designed to provide maximum wear and impact resistance for naval vessels. In accordance with NAVSEA guidance to non - skid systems Dark Gray Color is designed to be used in conjunction with PHILATRIA Plastofond AS primer. You can obtain a non-slip effect by adding and pouring " Microsfere di Verto" 2U SOVITEC in quantity of 20-25%. Application Techniques Roller will be consulted during the application.


Suitable for concrete industrial pavings, iron, galvanized iron of industrial sheds used for food transformation, electronic workings, toilets’ floorings, operating theatres, dairy-farmings, pasta factories, refrigerating rooms, slaughter houses and for any other place, requiring easy cleaning, disinfesting and water-tightness.


Sheen: Glossy

Color: See RAL color card.

Solids: 55 ± 2%. Density: 1,40 + 0,05 Kg/Lt. Viscosity: 2000 – 3000 mpa s - 25°C.

Coverage: 3,7 Sq.m./l or 0,380 kg/Sq.m. for two coats.

Thickness: 150 dry – 270 humid.

Flashpoint: 26 °C.

Dry Temperature Resistance: 120 °C outdoor – 50 °C immersion.

Application Data

Mixing Ratio: Base 85 – Hardener B 15 (by weight)

Thinner: Epoxy thinner DEP 310

Painting Methods: Brush: 5% thinning first and second coat short haired roller: 2% thinning or unthinned. Spray: Not suitable. Airless Spray: 5 – 8% thinning by weight. Nozzle’s diameter 0,400 – 0,600 mm. Compression Ratio 30:1. Exit pressure 160 – 170 pa (atm.) If the second coat is applied 5 days later than the first one, it is necessary to sand the substrate, to obtain the maximum adhesive power of the product. During application, the base and hardener temperature must be above 15 °C, otherwise it is necessary to thin the product to have the right application viscosity. An excessive thinner quantity causes slower catalysis and therefore a delay in hardening. PhilAtria Plastic P, as every epoxy coating, suffers a light surface chalking, if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Cleaning: Wash tools with thinner after use.

Pot Life: 8 hours at 20 °C

Optimal Application Conditions: Do not apply over surfaces showing rising damp. Do not apply at temperatures below 5 °C or with relative humidity above 65%, because this can cause surface defects and film bleaching.

Drying and Over-Coating Conditions

PhilAtria Plastic P.JPG

Coating Specification

It is recommended for: Heavy industrial atmospheres; immersion in sea, demineralised power water; immersion and contact with acid salt, alkaline, thinned solutions; oil, naphtha, lubricating oils, crude oil. It is not recommended for: Contact with strong acids (nitric, sulphuric, hydrochloric acid) and oxidizing substances (hydrogen peroxide, sodium perchlorate). Recommended primers and intermediates: Primepox, Epofond, Zincometal, Zincofond bicomponente, Emultex wp. Safety precautions: The product is inflammable. Respect the safety norms in force for transport, storage and application. Do not dispose of the empty tins in the environment, let them dry and dispose them of as special waste; during application (especially spray application), it is necessary to properly air the working area. Tender Item: Application of PhilAtria Plastic P, epoxy-polyamide, high thickness coating, with high chemical and mechanical resistant pigmentation, to be applied in two coats over concrete, iron or galvanized iron pavings, with a consumption of 0,380 kg/Sq.m., excluded practical operating loss.

Surface Preparation

New iron: brush off any rust and working flakings, or sand, degrease and apply a double-component primer Primepox (brushing), or a cold galvaniser Zincometal (sanding). Afterwards, apply two coats of PhilAtria Plastic P. Painted iron: mechanically  sand and remove any trace of old chalking paintwork; apply one coat of double-component primer Primepox over uncoated areas . After drying, apply two coats of PhilAtria Plastic P evenly over the whole surface. Galvanized iron: degrease by solvent, remove any trace of grease, which is typical of these kind of substrates, otherwise the adhesive power of the product could be compromised. Apply one coat of selfanchoring primer, Zincofond bicomponente, for galvanized sheet iron. After drying, apply two coats of PhilAtria Plastic P evenly over the whole surface. Cement-concrete pavings: check that the surface has been seasoned for at least 28 days. In case of chalking and dusty pavings, clean well and wash with an acid solution to chemically remove the surface peeling carbonation. Let dry and apply, according to the surface porosity, one or two coats of double-component strengthening, penetrating water based primer Emultex wp. Allow 12-24 hours to dry. Apply two coats of PhilAtria Plastic P evenly .


24 months. Keep in a cool and dry place, with the tins tightly closed and protected from frost.

Pack Size

Kg 20.

Health and Safety

Prior to use, obtain, consult and follow the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product concerning health and safety information. Read carefully and conform to precautions on MSDS and packing vessels. To avoid eye and skin contact, such tools as gloves, goggles and face mask etc. should be used during work with product (proper safety measures should be taken according to construction methods and circumstances). All work with the product must be carried out according to all relevant national health, safety and environment standards and codes. This product is for professional use only.

Limitation of liability

All information is given for guidance only and is subject to regional variation depending upon local climate and environmental condition. An excessive film thickness delays the final curing and creates sagging. Over coating interval will increase with the number of paint layers and the thickness of the paint film. For recommended paints at special circumstances, please consult with our Phila Coatings (USA) Inc. Apply in good weather. The relative humidity must not exceed 80% temperature of the surface to be coated must be at least 3°C above the dew point. All data from the tests is obtained under lab conditions, so Phila Coatings (USA) Inc. won’t bear any liabilities from the condition whether the data could reflect the objective status of the actual application circumstance or not.


The information in the product manual is based on our experiences from tests and practice. For the application without our knowledge, we could only make sure that our products themselves are warranted. We may modify the data in this product manual according to our continuous development and experience accumulation without advanced notice.