PhilAtria Plastofond AS 


Double-component, epoxy-polyamide, high thickness, intermediate primer – it can be applied at low temperatures and with high humidity. PhilAtria Plastofond AS is a “surface tolerant”, epoxy-polyamide resins based coating, with braking, lamellar pigments. This composition provides the product with excellent and easy applicability and maintenance, strong adhesion on uncoated substrate or surfaces primed with epoxy primers or organic/inorganic zincking products. The dry film is hard – elastic, waterproof, and extremely filling. It can be over-applied with different kinds of finishes i.e. chlorine-caoutchouc, vinyl, epoxy, and polyurethane finishes. The product is a heavy duty metal primer and designed to be used with high performance non-skid decking products for marine naval vessels, warships and various car decks. It meets the low volatile organic compounds requirements i.e. California and NAVSEA air pollution guidelines average 250 gr/ltr. It meets the extreme demands of a system in marine environments and provides excellent protection of surfaces against aggressive and corrosive environment.


Suitable for iron surfaces or external substrates of industrial and sea structures, which have been primed with zincking products. It can also be applied over concrete, wooden, and light alloy surfaces.


Sheen: Flat

Color: Yellow – pale and dark grey.

Solids: 60 ± 2 %. Density: 1,40 ± 0,05 Kg/Lt.

Coverage: 7,5 Sq.m./l – 187 g/Sq.m. in two coats.

Thickness: 134 humid / 80 dry

Flashpoint: 26 °C

Dry Temperature Resistance: 120 °C outdoors.

Application Data

Mixing Ratio: Base = 85 Hardener = 15 by weight

Thinner: DPE 310 epoxy or DNT 320 nitro thinner

Painting Method: Brush: 2 – 5% thinning. Roller: 3%, not optimal thinning. Spray: 10 - 15 % thinning, not optimal, nozzle’s diameter 1,7 – 1,9 mm Tank Pressure 4 – 5 kg/ m2 (atm). Airless Spray: 3 - 7 % thinning Nozzle’s diameter 0,5 – 0,6 mm Compression Ratio 45:1 Exit Pressure 150 – 180 kg/ m2 (atm).

Cleaning: Wash tools immediately after their use with a thinner.

Pot Life: 8 hours at 20 °C

Optimal Application Conditions: Apply at temperatures above - 5°C or below + 50°C, with relative air humidity below 90%. The product, as any epoxy coating is subject to light peeling, after extended exposure to sunlight.

Drying and Over-Coating Conditions

PhilAtria Plastofond AS.JPG

Coating Specification

It is recommended for: Industrial, marine, humid environments, immersion in fresh and sea water, salt solutions, oil, petrol, and diesel oil. It is not recommended for: Immersion in acid alkaline solutions, thinners, drinking water and foodstuffs. Recommended primers and finishes: Idrosem WP, Epofond, Mioxide HB, Primepox, Vepox, Zincometal, Inorzinc, Monozinc, Sinclor FTR, Vinilverepos, Atriatar M300, Atriaplastic, Finepox, Bicar, atrialux, Finilac. Safety precautions: The product is inflammable. Respect the safety norms in force for transport, storage and application. In case of application in closed places, provide proper ventilation. Do not dispose of the empty tins in the environment, let them dry and dispose of them as special waste. For any further information, see the technical data. Tender Item: Application of PhilAtria Plastofond AS, double-component, waterproof, high thickness, epoxy-polyamide resin based intermediate coat, with braking, lamellar pigmentation, to be applied over external and internal surfaces with a thickness of 80 micron- dry film - consumption of 0,190 kg/Sq.m., excluded practical operating loss.

Surface Preparation

New iron: sanded and properly primed with an epoxy primer (Primepox , Mioxide HB) or with an organic (Zincometal, Monozinc) or inorganic zincking primer (Inorzinc PLV). Apply one coat of PhilAtria Plastofond AS with a minimum thickness of 80 – 100 micron – dry film. Painted iron: remove any trace of old peeling paintwork, sand the whole surface to be treated, apply one coat of epoxy primer (Primepox) over uncoated areas . After drying, apply one or two coats of PhilAtria Plastofond AS. Allow drying and apply a proper finish paint. Galvanized iron: wash off any trace of oil or grease with a thinner or alkaline cleansing compounds. Sand slightly to remove the glossy layer. Apply PhilAtria Plastofond AS in one or two coats and coat with a proper finish. New wood: make sure that the surface has perfectly seasoned, sand to remove any imperfections, apply one coat of hydrodilutable, double-component, 30% water thinned primer, Idrosem, or a double-component, thinner based, 20-30% solvent thinned primer (Epofond). After drying, apply PhilAtria Plastofond AS, with a thickness of 80 – 100 micron – dry film and apply, afterwards, a proper finish. Old wood: remove any trace of old peeling paintwork, sandblast the whole surface to be treated, remove any trace of dirt or dust. Apply a first coat of 20-30% solvent thinned PhilAtria Plastofond AS, over uncoated areas. After drying, even out any imperfections with an epoxy or polyester putty, sandblast and clean. Apply PhilAtria Plastofond AS and coat, afterwards, with a proper finish. Masonry works: make sure that the surface has seasoned for at least 28 days, that it is dry and free from salt efflorescence. Mechanically remove any peeling parts, remove dust and apply one coat of doublecomponent, water based primer Idrosem WP, and even out any imperfections with smoothing product CLS 5 or with the epoxy putty Epostuc Floor. Sandblast and apply one or two coats of PhilAtria Plastofond AS.


Circa 24 months. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Do not use near fire or flammable materials.

Pack Size

Kg 25 – Kg 5.

Health and Safety

Prior to use, obtain, consult and follow the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product concerning health and safety information. Read carefully and conform to precautions on MSDS and packing vessels. To avoid eye and skin contact, tools such as gloves, goggles and face mask etc. should be used during work with product (proper safety measures should be taken according to construction methods and circumstances). All work with the product must be carried out according to all relevant national health, safety and environment standards and codes. This product is for professional use only.

Limitation of liability

All information is given for guidance only and is subject to regional variation depending upon local climate and environmental condition. An excessive film thickness delays the final curing and creates sagging. Over coating interval will increase with the number of paint layers and the thickness of the paint film. For recommended paints at special circumstances, please consult with our Phila Coatings (USA) Inc. Apply in good weather. The relative humidity must not exceed 80% temperature of the surface to be coated must be at least 3°C above the dew point. All data from the tests is obtained under lab conditions, so Phila Coatings (USA) Inc. won’t bear any liabilities from the condition whether the data could reflect the objective status of the actual application circumstance or not.


The information in the product manual is based on our experiences from tests and practice. For the application without our knowledge, we could only make sure that our products themselves are warranted. We may modify the data in this product manual according to our continuous development and experience accumulation without advanced notice.